Andrée Valley



(((clang))) is a collaborative installation of my sculpture and a sound piece that I commissioned from composer Nathaniel Bartlett.  The two sculptures I created for this collaboration reflect tones, tempo, and the interweaving of sounds in music.  Shape, color, pattern, piling, and tangling reveal patterns within the work.  As the sculptures move, viewers can see these relationships emerging and changing.


Bartlett’s composition, (((clang))), is a three-dimensional, high-definition, computer-generated work for marimba and metal objects intended to reflect the installation sculptures.  Bartlett composed (((clang))) to have no orientation, tempo, or sequence; instead, an array of laser beams and real-time computer notation processing enable the movement, surface, and color of the sculptures to play (((clang))) in a true multi-media interaction of sound and space.


A grant I received from the Puffin Foundation enabled me to commission Nathaniel Bartlett to compose (((clang))).



(((clang))) video by Nathaniel Bartlett, music by Nathaniel Bartlett, sculpture by Andrée Valley -

illustrates the interactive installation


@ 2016 Andrée Valley